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Non-Woven Plant / Non-Woven

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  • 100/194 : 1 NON WOVEN PLANT, including:
    2 STORAGE BINS, galvanized steel, (LxWxH) 3900x3000x3600 mm, cyclone, 1 transport fan.
    1 CARD, constr. "HOUGET DUESBERG BOSSON", type CF.110, year 1973, ww. 1800 mm, feeding silo, weighting hopper feeder type BBR3, mechanical weighting, licker-in Ø 500 mm, transfer roller Ø 320 mm, breast Ø 1000 mm, 3 work/strip, 1 swift Ø 1270 mm, 4 work/strip Ø 216/97 mm, doffer Ø 1000 mm, dust suction, steel wire card clothing.
    1 CROSS LAPPER, constr. "ASSELIN", type 390, year 1989, ww. 2920 mm, lap laying width up to 4500 mm.
    1 STITCH-BONDING MACHINE, constr. "VEB MALIMO", type Malivlies 14010, year 1973, ww. 2400 mm, gauge 18, 18 needles/inch.
    1 CALENDER, constr. "LEMAIRE", type SZTF, ww. 2100 mm, heating roller Ø 350x2400 mm, top roller 2300 mm, electrical heating oil bath, cutting discs, 1 batch winder, 1 edge trim opener "SCHIRP".

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