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  • 71/254 : 1 STENTER, constr. "BRÜCKNER", type VNL.18/7, year 1978, ww. 1800 mm, 7 fields, feeding for knitted fabrics, vertical needle chain, predryer "Fleissner" with perforated drums, double foulard Kleinewefers, type Bicoblex, year 1984 and foulard Küsters, type 222.52, year 1978, gas heating, delivery with cooling zone, batch winder and falter.
  • 71/259 : 1 STENTER, constr. "BRÜCKNER", year 1986, ww. 800-2500 mm, speed 2-20 m/min, length 12 m (4x3m), temp. max. 250°C, natural gas heating, insulation 120 mm.
  • 71/260 : 1 STENTER, constr. "BRÜCKNER", ww. 2000 mm, 3 zones, gas heating, feeding E+L, pins/clips chain, selvages sticking/cutting, delivery plaiter/batch rolls, constant tension Zollig.
  • 71/261 : 1 STENTER, constr. "EFFEDUE", ww. 2000 mm, 5 zones, 1 preparation J-Box F2, Mahlo 4 heads, feeding E+L, selvages sticking/cutting, 10 burner, vaporizer, "Mahlo" control for cloth temperature and oven, hunidity mesuring, continu measuring of weight/m2, delivery plaiter/batch rolls.

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