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Dryer / Dyeing, Finishing

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  • 3/360 : 1 CABINET DRYER for hanks, constr. "NEU", carts (Lxlxh) 2400x1500x1950mm.
  • 3/378 : 1 TUMBLER DRYER, constr. "ANGLADA", type Turbang, year 1994, width 2000 mm, 2 zones, gas heating, feeding with centering system and impregnating padder, folder at delivery.
  • 3/379 : 1 RADIO FREQUENCY DRYER, constr. "RF SYSTEMS", type TD85A SPEC, year 2006, band width 1700 mm, feeding high 450 mm, drying capacity 85 Kw, power installed 130 Kw.

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